Q: What is the difference between clean fill and mixed waste?
A: Clean fill matter is considered soil, brick, block, concrete and asphalt; Mixed waste is wood, roof material, drywall, metals, plastic, cardboards, renovations waste/demolition waste.
Q: What can be mixed in the bins?
A: There is nothing that cannot be PUT into the bin, however, mixtures are particular. Things that are classified as “mixed waste” (i.e. drywall, metals, plastics, cardboard, roof material) cannot be mixed with anything that is considered “clean fill” (i.e. bricks, concrete, block, soil and asphalt). The exception to the “clean fill” material is that asphalt cannot be mixed with any other of the previously listed clean fill matter. Should “mixed waste” be put in a container for “clean fill”, additional charges will be incurred.
Q: Do I need a permit for the bin?
A: If the bin is positioned on your property, no. If the bin must be placed on the road or blocking a sidewalk, yes a city permit is generally required. For residents of Toronto, you can download a pdf copy of the Permit Application.
Q: Do the bins damage driveways?
A: Generally speaking, no they are not prone to causing damage to property; however we at Global Waste Service always caution our clients to lay down ply wood or some type of material that will support the "feet" of the bin for the duration that it will be sitting on site. To lay a material down not only serves the purpose to protect, but to let our drivers know (should no one be on site when they arrive) where the bin should be placed.