Waste Services

Our waste services include delivery and pick up of the appropriate containers to collect, recycle and dispose of all waste materials.

We separate materials at our facility in Toronto and other locations across the GTA and prepare those materials for further processing.

Metals > Scrap separating
Concrete > Crush and re-aggregate
Wood > Reprocessing
Drywall > Crush and Reuse
Cardboard > Reprocessing
Soil > To Recycling
Glass > Melt and Reuse

We provide our waste services to all sectors of the economy:

We understand the importance to the success of your project of being on time for both pick-up and delivery. When we say we’ll be there, you can count on us to be there.

Waste Audits

Contact us to learn how our Waste Audit can save costs and help you meet your environmental responsibilities. Your waste audit will:

  • Provide a definition of what is being thrown out as garbage.
  • Identify materials for recycling to be diverted from fill.
  • Develop cost-effective programs for efficient recyling.